How Changing your Name Affects your Numerology Readings

nameOne of the wisest things any man can today is to request a numerology reading to figure out personality traits and future occurrences.

However, what most people are not aware of is the fact that numerology has been around since the 6th century BC when Pythagoras first found the patterns in everyday numbers.

Today, many people believe that changing their names can have major impacts on their numerology readings and thus influence their futures significantly.

Changing your name for numerology purposes that are solely based around changing your future and your personality traits is something that is open for debate.

Many people are against doing this because they believe that you are born with personality traits that cannot be modified by simply altering your birth name.  Some numerologists do believe that changing your name will not necessarily alter your personality.

The expression and destiny numbers are directly related to your name and the results from numerology readings will affect your life paths.

When you get your numerology readings performed according to your name, you will be given specific years that major changes and obstacles could occur. Obviously, if it were as simple as changing your name to avoid major life changes, everyone would do it.

Although changing your name simply for numerology purposes is not recommended, many of us will go by different names or alter egos during our lifetimes. These different names can definitely have an impact on your numerology readings and they don’t necessarily need to be legal names in order to make them fit into your numerology readings.

Some of the names that can affect your numerology chart include nicknames that you may go by, pen names that you may use as a writer, married names that you get after getting married and even names that you may use when you don’t want to use your real name. These names can all be accounted for when having your destiny or expression numerology readings read.

Using all of your alternative names can allow you to understand why you react the way that you do in certain circumstances. Most people will behave differently according to the people they are with and depending on where they are. If you use a nickname when you’re with your friends, you will probably act differently than when you use your real name with your business partners.

Defining the numerology readings for all of your used names and nicknames will allow you to have a much more profound understanding of the ways that you react in specific situations. Being able to figure out different emotions, personalities and traits that you have according to the different names that you use can come in handy.

However, since all numbers in numerology have a balance of both positive and negative effects; changing your name doesn’t necessarily mean that you will experience only the positive sides of the new traits. You could very easily change your name for a new numerology chart and end up inheriting the negative effects of your new numbers.


Should you choose a Baby Name According to Numerology?

numerology_baby_640Numerology is one of the most important sciences to know in this world because the patterns found in numbers can precisely predict what a person’s traits and inner natures will be like. Having existed for many thousands of years, numerology is extremely old and yet the same systems that were used thousands of years ago are still used today. The first numerology system to have ever been found, the Pythagoras system is the most popular numerology system in the world today.

Many people who use numerology will try to adapt their children’s names to fit perfectly with the best numerology traits. However, lots of controversy has been created on this subject matter because parents give their children an unfair advantage by providing them with the best numerological traits. Some think that numerology should be found naturally in a name. So is naming your child according to numerology ethically correct?

Parents should not rely on numerology in order to name their children since the name of a child should be something that parents come up with on their own. A child’s name should never be mathematically chosen because that could affect the natural course of numerology. In fact, most numerologists refuse to provide parents with help for naming their children because they believe it is simply the wrong way to choose a name.

Some people believe that unborn babies are capable of spiritually communicating with their parents and especially with the mother during pregnancy. Be it through dreams or even telepathically, those who believe this tend to think that the baby’s name will come naturally with time. This also brings up the discussion on reincarnation and how babies who choose their names spiritually.

Many people who believe in numerology will also believe firmly in reincarnation. In numerology, we are born with personal traits and inner natures and some believe that these are traits, talents and inner natures that we had in previous lives or need in this life to advance spiritually. If this is the case then babies should definitely have the right to pick their own names in order to benefit from the traits that they need in order to advance on a spiritual level.

Although many may find it crazy to wait until the unborn baby choses their name, it is actually quite important. For those who believe in reincarnation, the belief of being able to communicate spiritually with your unborn baby is also highly possible. Giving your unborn baby the option to choose their name so that they can bring along previous life talents or choose traits that they need to advance is the best gift available.

In the end you should never allow a numerologist to select the name of your baby. The final decision should be that of the parents and the decision should not be made until the name seems naturally correct. Basing a child’s name because of specific numbers in numerology is the wrong way to proceed in the eyes of most numerologists.