What are Sun Numbers in Numerology?

sun-signsWhen learning about numerology you will most likely come across the phrase sun number. If you are just getting started with numerology you will probably not already know all there is to know about the various ways to calculate personal traits and behaviorisms. With so many different aspects of numerology, it becomes important to start with the basics and move forward from there.

Calculating the sun number is simple to do and it is one of the basic methods of numerology that you should learn when getting started. The sun number is often considered to be the most simply put description of your entire life. The results that you receive from your sun number will normally indicate the type of person you are and will become.

The sun numbers in numerology tend to guide you through your life challenges and they can help you better understand why and how you cope with things. These numbers will normally provide you with basic explanations of your own personality that can help you understand why you are the way you are. These numbers are the guidance in your physical world and they are closely attached to the spiritual side of life.

Sun numbers in numerology are often compared to the zodiac signs in astrology; there are few variations, yet they are often highly precise and accurate in describing a person. With just a few details such as the day and month on which you were born, you can easily calculate your sun number. Once you know the number, you will be able to figure out the explanation that goes along with it.

Just like in numerous other aspects of numerology, the numbers are always reduced to single digits between 1 and 9. You will have to add both your day of birth and the month you were born in together in order to know your sun number. You can quickly calculate this single digit number as well as the sun number of friends and family members.

Although there are billions of people in the world, the 9 sun numbers are easily capable of describing the vast majority of us. For a deeper understanding of your sun number you will have to move forward with numerology and use more advanced techniques. However, you should always begin with simple methods such as the sun number in order to see how all of your numerology numbers fit perfectly together.

Once you have learned what your sun number is, you will notice that this highly affects the other numbers such as your name number. Life path numbers and personal year cycles will often have you question why you experience different cycles in different ways. When you know your sun number you will be able to easily understand why you advance in life a certain way.

The sun numbers in numerology are the core elements that make up the following results. You will need to know your sun number before learning other results because this will allow you to get a deeper and more precise reading for other aspects of numerology.