How your Name is Read in Numerology

nameNumerology has many aspects to it and being able to figure out what your name means as far as numerology is concerned can bring you a lot of insight towards your life. Knowing the numbers that are associated with your name will allow you to determine specific traits, future goals and other facts about your life that you otherwise may never know about. Reading the numerology aspect for your name is simple to do and it can be done if short amounts of time.

With numerology having been around for thousands of years, you can know almost for sure that the results attained will be accurate. Existing since the 6th century BC, numerology brings you additional meaning to your life along with giving you goals to attain. Once you have a reading for your name performed you will normally realize some of your traits that you never knew you had until now.

Numbers surround our entire lives and they directly relate to astrology, the spiritual world and other mysterious aspects of life. In fact, numerology has been defined as being a direct way to understand the spiritual world from our material world. When using the numbers from numerology, some people are capable of materializing their dreams.

The way that your name is counted in numerology will have great significance in your life and whether you use middle names or last names can drastically change your numbers. When counting your numerology name numbers you will want to try a variety of ways of writing your name. Use every variation available such as writing your first name only, writing your first name with your last name and even writing your entire name including your middle name.

Comparing all of the results will allow you to have a much better idea about what your name means in numerology. However, most people tend to realize that regardless of the way they write their names, the final results tend to be quite similar. This is probably because numerology is a science and changing your name won’t affect your results.

When counting your numerology name you will have to know how to begin. The first thing to do when counting your name’s numbers is to write down your name on a piece of paper in the way that you want it to be counted. Determining each number that is associated to each letter in your name is the next step.

In order to know which number represent a letter you will have to perform a few basic calculations. Each letter should be counted with numbers that don’t pass the number 9. For example, you will count the letter A as 1 and the letter B as 2 and so on until you reach the number 9. Once you hit the 9th letter you will restart by assigning the following letter with the number 1.

Calculating your name’s numbers will require you to bring it down to lower numbers. For example; if your name results in the number 24, you will have to add 2 and 4 together which gives you a result of 6. Each number has a unique significance.

The Origins of Numerology

images (1)For centuries we’ve been able to find patterns and mathematical formulas in numbers. Although we use numbers on a daily basis without giving much thought to them, many believe that they closely relate with the spiritual world. Some even believe that they act as a way to communicate between the physical world as we know it and the mysterious spiritual world.

Numerology goes back all the way to the 6th century BC when Pythagoras found a bond between the esoteric existence and our physical world. However, some controversy has been brought upon the Pythagorean numerological system as being ‘stolen’ from the Chaldean system. The Chaldean numerology system dates back to ancient Mesopotamia and is known for being tightly associated with astrology.

The Pythagorean numerology system is the most popular type of numerology in the world today. In fact, Pythagoras was also responsible for the creation of the Pythagorean Theorem which is used for calculating hypotenuses in geometry. His vast amount of knowledge for numbers was no doubted and the system he implemented still stands to this day as the most famous of them all.

The Pythagorean system associates numbers to Greek letters and is mainly used to determine the fate of individuals. The numbers used in this system range from 1 to 9 with the master vibrations being from 11 to 22. The master vibration numbers are never reduced to single digit numbers which is unique to this system. The Pythagorean numerology system uses the name of a person along with the birth date in order to get results.

With the Chaldean numerology system having been created in the birthplace of astrology, the ties to one another are undeniable. This system differs from the Pythagorean system because it rarely uses the number 9. The vibrational numbers range from 1 to 8 and each letter of the alphabet is associated with a number. Letters are associated according to their equivalence in vibrations.

In Chaldean numerology, the number 9 is considered to be sacred and is only utilized when it is in the sum of other numbers. Whether numbers are single digits or double digits says a lot in Chaldean numerology. Single digit numbers are used to predict the outer nature of a person whereas double digits refer to the inner nature.

The third and less commonly used type of numerology is the Kabbalah numerology system. Although Kabbalah is a type of religion or way of life that is often associa