Numerology and Astrology: How They Fit Together

1301690865_169308382_1-Pictures-of--DUBAIS-INDIAN-ASTROPALMIST-ASTROLOGY-NUMEROLOGY-VASTHU-PALMISTRYIn the spiritual and even religious ways of life there are several systems that allow us to predict the future. Astrology and numerology are two of the most popular systems that exist which allow us to make predictions. Dating back to ancient times, both numerology and astrology have been used for centuries. However, most people aren’t aware of how similar and co-related these two systems really are with one another.

Firstly, it’s important to know the differences between both systems. Astrology is mainly the study of the stars in the sky and how the stars connect with life on earth. On the other hand is numerology which is basically the study of numbers and how the vibrations of numbers can be compared to our lives. Both systems bring us the potential to determine our fate and figure out more about ourselves.

Although both systems are relatively different from one another, they actually fit together perfectly. Astrology is often considered to be more scientific than an actual art and at the core of any type of scientific research is math. Math as we know if is basically dealt with numbers. This creates a perfect bond between both astrology and numerology.

When calculating astrological meanings, the use of numbers is required. Angles, degrees, distance and many other mathematical calculations must be performed in order to use astrology as a way of predicting futuristic events. When performing such calculations, it gets quite clear that numerology is easily identified with astrology.

The same goes for applying the rules of numerology; having a basic understanding of the planets and how they affect our lives is a plus for numerologists. The planets are identified with numbers and their influences are often compared to the influences of vibrational numbers. Ultimately, numerology and astrology go hand in hand. Knowing astrology will allow you to have a better understanding of numerology and vice versa.

The co-relation between the two different types of studies goes all the way back to the 6th century BC when Pythagoras began using numerology. This influential personality was the godfather of numerology as we know it, but he also discovered a deeper connection between both the stars and basic numbers. Numerology is said to bring deeper meaning to numbers from 1 to 9 and the stars have the same type of meanings.

When combining the two systems together you come to realize just how co-related these two systems truly are. Although a single astrological reading will give you a lot of information, so will a numerological reading. However, when you compare the two readings with one another, you will normally see that they match up quite perfectly.

Most people are capable of seeing the relationship between the two systems. If you were to have an astrological reading performed and then a numerological reading performed, the results would be astonishingly similar. Looking at both readings simultaneously would sort of work like a code because the two readings combined with one another would give you much more details than a single reading.

The Origins of Numerology

images (1)For centuries we’ve been able to find patterns and mathematical formulas in numbers. Although we use numbers on a daily basis without giving much thought to them, many believe that they closely relate with the spiritual world. Some even believe that they act as a way to communicate between the physical world as we know it and the mysterious spiritual world.

Numerology goes back all the way to the 6th century BC when Pythagoras found a bond between the esoteric existence and our physical world. However, some controversy has been brought upon the Pythagorean numerological system as being ‘stolen’ from the Chaldean system. The Chaldean numerology system dates back to ancient Mesopotamia and is known for being tightly associated with astrology.

The Pythagorean numerology system is the most popular type of numerology in the world today. In fact, Pythagoras was also responsible for the creation of the Pythagorean Theorem which is used for calculating hypotenuses in geometry. His vast amount of knowledge for numbers was no doubted and the system he implemented still stands to this day as the most famous of them all.

The Pythagorean system associates numbers to Greek letters and is mainly used to determine the fate of individuals. The numbers used in this system range from 1 to 9 with the master vibrations being from 11 to 22. The master vibration numbers are never reduced to single digit numbers which is unique to this system. The Pythagorean numerology system uses the name of a person along with the birth date in order to get results.

With the Chaldean numerology system having been created in the birthplace of astrology, the ties to one another are undeniable. This system differs from the Pythagorean system because it rarely uses the number 9. The vibrational numbers range from 1 to 8 and each letter of the alphabet is associated with a number. Letters are associated according to their equivalence in vibrations.

In Chaldean numerology, the number 9 is considered to be sacred and is only utilized when it is in the sum of other numbers. Whether numbers are single digits or double digits says a lot in Chaldean numerology. Single digit numbers are used to predict the outer nature of a person whereas double digits refer to the inner nature.

The third and less commonly used type of numerology is the Kabbalah numerology system. Although Kabbalah is a type of religion or way of life that is often associa