What are Master Numbers in Numerology?

master-numbersIn numerology you will often have to deal with the same numbers over and over again since almost every time you will have to reduce your numbers to single digits. In most cases, all of the numbers you will have to deal with in numerology are from 1 to 9. However, there are certain instances when you will have to keep your double digits intact and those specific numbers are called master numbers.

You’ve probably already heard of master numbers if you have been dealing with numerology for a short amount of time, but knowing why you must keep them that way is a whole other story. To make things even more complicated to understand is the fact that sometimes you actually do have to reduce these numbers into single digits.

The three master numbers are 11, 22 and 33. If you ever come upon one of these three numbers when performing your numerology readings you will want to verify whether or not these numbers need to be kept as they are or reduced to single digits. The difference will be significant since master numbers have significances of their own, just like any other number in numerology.

Knowing what each master number represents is the first step towards learning all about these master numbers. It’s important to realize that just because they have a unique name, these numbers are neither positive nor negative; they will become what they become according to the other numbers in your chart as well as the directions you take in life.

The master number 11 is unique from all other numbers and when you have it in your number charts is mainly represent instinctive behaviors. Having this number in your numerology data means that you tend to act out of instinct rather than using concrete data to back up your decisions. You tend to have a vast amount of knowledge about life without knowing why or how it works; you just know it works.

If you have the number 11 in your chart then you should rely more often on your inner instincts. Denying your instincts could result in you experiencing the negative side of the number 11. The negatives of the master number 11 include fear, anxiety and you can even experience self-loathing or self-sabotaging traits.

The master number 22 is often considered to be the strongest and the best of all the other numbers. Although all numbers have greatness to them, the number 22 has the ability to take dreams and make them into reality. People with this number in their charts are often extremely successful and are capable of materializing their dreams with more simplicity.

The master number 33 is different from the other two master numbers because people with master number are often those who become teachers. This number represents having great knowledge and learning a subject entirely before showing it to someone else. These people are often those who become humanitarians and those who travel the world in order to help others who are in need.