Should You Use Numerology To Find Your SoulMate?

1365179512_498978949_1-Pictures-of--Romantic-Relationship-Reading-Numerology-AstrologyNumerology can be applied in numerous different aspects of our daily lives in order to make predictions, determine personal traits and for much more. When Pythagoras first found the patterns in numbers and founded the first numerology system thousands of years ago, he probably had the faintest idea that thousands of years later people would still be using the same exact system.

Today we still use the same numerology system and the differences from back then and modern systems are minor. However, throughout the ages we have been able to better the numerology system in order to adapt it to our modern needs. With relationships being a big part of most of our lives, it becomes extremely useful to be able to use numerology in order to determine whether a couple has a real shot at lasting on a long term basis.

Although you shouldn’t base your love for someone solely on the results that you get from numerology readings, they can often provide you with precise results on whether or not you are compatible with another person. Numerology is capable of telling you whether another person’s traits are compatible with your specific traits and whether a long term commitment can end up being a good thing.

With the divorce rate being so high these days, it becomes extremely useful to use numerology before jumping into a serious relationship. Although you may have love for a person, you may not be fully compatible and by being with that person you may be preventing yourself from finding true happiness. Numerology can be used to determine whether or not two people are truly compatible or not.

You shouldn’t compare another person’s numbers with your numbers from the moment that you meet them simply to see if your numerology compatibility is strong. However, you can use it to see where the weak links would be in a couple with that other person. Rather than avoiding people that are less compatible with you, you can use numerology to your advantage.

Using numerology will allow you to determine why you and another person are less compatible and changes can be made in order to avoid being less compatible. If the person you love is not compatible with you in numerology readings, you can use those readings to figure out why that person isn’t compatible with you.

Once you have figured out why a person is not compatible with you, you will be able to try and improve on the sections where you need to improve. For example, if you are a dating a person who has high anxiety traits in numerology and you have more outgoing traits, you can try and become calmer and more balanced in order to reduce your significant other’s stress levels.

The key to a successful relationship is not whether or not your numerology readings are compatible, but instead whether or not you are both will to make compromises in order to make the relationship a successful everlasting one.

When you find true love, you will know for sure and you won’t need numerology to back up the facts.