The Meaning of the Root Numbers

alpha-numerologyMany people who study numerology will refer to the root numbers of individuals being the most important aspect of their lives. Numerology has been created thousands of years ago and rather than being created, it was found. Pythagoras was one of the most notable historical figures to have found numerology and to have noticed that rather than being simple patterns in numbers, numerology is more of a science.

With great precision, an individual can predict future occurrences for specific years and personal traits can also be discovered. Some people who have used numerology have been able to discover hidden talents and skills such as being able to play an instrument or being an incredible artist. Many of the people who believe in numerology also believe in reincarnation with numerology being a reminder of our skills and abilities from past lives.

The root numbers in numerology as the starting point for every numerology reading. These numbers are those that represent the day on which we are born and the date of birth has been proven to bring great significance. Just like astrology and the zodiac signs, numerology is capable of determining human behaviors and even personal skills or traits through different groups.

Although astrology has 12 zodiac signs and numerology only has 9 root number groups, the resemblance between the two are undeniable. When you take a look at your root number in numerology and you also take a look at your zodiac sign in astrology you will most likely notice that the readings are quite similar. This goes to show just how precise both systems really are.

The root number has several different names associated to it such as the birthday number or even the life path number. When you can determine what your root number is you will be able to have a better understanding of all other numerology readings. That is where the root number got its name from; it is the root or source of all other readings.

Using the root number in numerology is great for enhancing the precision of your readings because it provides you with excellent information about your true nature. You can also use the root number to determine future events that are likely to occur during your lifetime. Once you have learned your root number, you are capable of applying it in many numerology systems and readings.

Determining the root number is the easiest type of calculation that you will have to perform in numerology. The root number is essentially the day of your birth and nothing else. You don’t need to count your month or year of birth in order to find out your root number.

However, you will want to make sure that your root number is a single digit number because root number readings are between the numbers 1 and 9. If you have a double digit day of birth you will have to add them together in order to make them into a single digit number. For example; if you were born on the 23rd of May, your root number would be 5 because you must add 2 and 3 together.