How Changing your Name Affects your Numerology Readings

nameOne of the wisest things any man can today is to request a numerology reading to figure out personality traits and future occurrences.

However, what most people are not aware of is the fact that numerology has been around since the 6th century BC when Pythagoras first found the patterns in everyday numbers.

Today, many people believe that changing their names can have major impacts on their numerology readings and thus influence their futures significantly.

Changing your name for numerology purposes that are solely based around changing your future and your personality traits is something that is open for debate.

Many people are against doing this because they believe that you are born with personality traits that cannot be modified by simply altering your birth name.  Some numerologists do believe that changing your name will not necessarily alter your personality.

The expression and destiny numbers are directly related to your name and the results from numerology readings will affect your life paths.

When you get your numerology readings performed according to your name, you will be given specific years that major changes and obstacles could occur. Obviously, if it were as simple as changing your name to avoid major life changes, everyone would do it.

Although changing your name simply for numerology purposes is not recommended, many of us will go by different names or alter egos during our lifetimes. These different names can definitely have an impact on your numerology readings and they don’t necessarily need to be legal names in order to make them fit into your numerology readings.

Some of the names that can affect your numerology chart include nicknames that you may go by, pen names that you may use as a writer, married names that you get after getting married and even names that you may use when you don’t want to use your real name. These names can all be accounted for when having your destiny or expression numerology readings read.

Using all of your alternative names can allow you to understand why you react the way that you do in certain circumstances. Most people will behave differently according to the people they are with and depending on where they are. If you use a nickname when you’re with your friends, you will probably act differently than when you use your real name with your business partners.

Defining the numerology readings for all of your used names and nicknames will allow you to have a much more profound understanding of the ways that you react in specific situations. Being able to figure out different emotions, personalities and traits that you have according to the different names that you use can come in handy.

However, since all numbers in numerology have a balance of both positive and negative effects; changing your name doesn’t necessarily mean that you will experience only the positive sides of the new traits. You could very easily change your name for a new numerology chart and end up inheriting the negative effects of your new numbers.



  1. Gabrielle Cconlon says:

    I had a dilemma about my names. Birth name was different because of adoption. Also it was my mother’s maiden name. My father’s name is different. My adoption name and marriage names too. The only constant names are my first two (Christian) names. Being asked for a birth name leaves me scratching my head. Should I go with maternal line or paternal line?

  2. Felicity Prudence Featherstone says:

    This swill help me what decisions to make or what to expect on a daily bases


    Hello Aiden,
    Good day to you. We’ve been talking to each other for sometime now. I really enjoy reading about Numerology from you.
    Talking about change of names. I just revealed all my names which are: Brendan Nkemakolam Nnee Anayo Amaraegbu Odikanwa. This does not mean change of name because I’m aware that all my names are very relevant in my numerological computations.
    What would be my current numerological reading be like please Aiden?

  4. Kroshnee/Visalamalar says:

    Thank you I really believe what you say is very very true,your name has a lot of power and it can either bring you down or pick you up

  5. Dr. CArl Tolson says:

    There was two times in my life I would like a reading on…When I was teachiing college at a younger age the students called me either “Dr T” or Mr. T” and my name of record wa Carl James Tolson….The other time was from I983 until 2012 when I lived in China I was nicknamed “Pavarotten” after the great singer but I can not carry a tune in suitcase.

    Both of these eras were good times..prosperous, enjoyable and fun. But I am no longer associated by those names and although I am older which could account for my demise of happiness I would love to get back some of that pleasure…

    A few years back I contacted the Canadian government to get my birth certificate and realized my name is not Carl J it is Carl Axel Albert Tolson.

    Also in 1994/5 I did an analysis of my life cycle by Meng.and it was positive for the first 5 years and then turned “south” and it has been financially bad ever since the calculations of Meng and remain bad until this day.

    I now use my birth name CAAT and still struggle to pull my head above water…..but it is getting better ….With all this said changing you name can be a blessing or at least a new game of life to play. Oh a SIDE NOTE..i APPLIED FOR AND RECEIVED MY CANADIAN PASSPORT AND I STILL HOLD ON TO MY US PP.

    With all this diatribe changing you name could help…And if you look at all the stars/celebrities their successes exploded after they changed their names.

    Good luck
    Mr. Powers

  6. When i was born my parents gave me the name Mae Frances, but when i came in contact with my soul mate, a jazz great said to my then husband, that i looked like a Jamillah, which means beautiful. so i took the name Jamillah, i am a visual artist, a painter, sculptor and printmaker. my husband of 38 years died in 2011, i truly my husband who was a artist and a Professor of Painting for over 30 years teaching for SVA. and then last my first love , my Dad who was 93 years old who was a artist, a cook and a tailor passed on. i would love to sell my late husbands art and my art. i also want to travel around the world. do you believe this is in the cards. also i helped to raise my husbands two daughters, and our son who is also a artist. Love Jamillah

  7. Gale says:

    I was born in a french area, and my mom was french, and my dad scottish. They named me but there was a mistake on the birth certificate. My mother wanted Helen, my father wanted Helenn, and when I was registered, they wrote Helene, but when they were corrected saying there was no e and just add the n, they misunderstood and put just Helen, but every other paper, including the baptismal papers, which count as the birth record in Quebec, show the Helenn. When you did my reading, I did both spellings.

  8. Cameron Carr says:

    This website has had its strong placement into major events happening specifically right now, and this article goes along perfectly with the idea of names that had sparked last night so specifically last night as I was watching the moon. Well, as of now, looking forward to whats to come…

  9. Shivaji Mane says:

    I would like to change my life with positivity by changing my name according to
    My birth date 27 feb 1969 kindly suggest

    • Ismail says:

      haha! Lots of people were tnhiknig 12/12/12 one would think, right? I like the idea that 12/21/12 is the end of an old era and the beginning of a new one according to ancient Mayans one of enlightenment and peace it was a busy day for me yesterday (in a good way) so I’ll take all of your suggestions above and apply them to 12/21! lol!Happy Holidays to you, Ms. Lisa!Itty Bitty

  10. Cheri Soto says:

    My name is Cheryl and I am shortening it in this example.
    The surname has been created as a pen name.
    My middle name is Diane.


  11. sanitra says:

    would the name Anushka be better for me I am born in 1- 9- 1956

  12. Namaste Aiden
    Many people believe in numerology…slight alteration in the spelling…by adding an alphabet or deleting an alphabet.
    What about Vastu?This is also based on the numbers and the fire and the water corners observed for building?
    My observation…numbers do have their powerful influence on human beings.

  13. kenneth kelechi ibe says:

    i love you

  14. Rob Tanner says:

    There is some validity in what you have written and some that is not valid.
    I think that the original name still has an influence even if you change you name. However since as was written,’ Power vs Force’, everything is energy and has an influence on our physical reality. It has been proven that one can change a mind set through constant and continuous reprogramming for 21 day? or a month??? The time depends on the emotions that are put into the reprogramming.
    I changed my name but didn’t just change it , I used numerology to balance it. I found that the change did occur and was help up to some degree until I made peace with the original name. Once I did that my life was far better than it had been before the change.
    There are many factors that effect the person and their physical reality. Astrology is as accurate as numerology and show another facet of the multifaceted individual one is.
    I got your initial reading and then paid for your complete reading. The numerology that I know, which is the numerology founded in Vancouver, B.C., Canada is more accurate for me and is one that adds one (1) to the birth to determine the days and months that follow. Your reading of me was accurate in describing my way of being. However, the reading of days and months and years is off by (1). You have me in my 7 year when I feel my 8 year as more accurate. In order to have a physical reality, to be physical and alive, one has to has perception and each person has one’s one individual perception.
    One can relate to another but never real know the other completely. Some people are far more perceptive and know who they really are more accurately than others.
    I have taught, written and counselled 1000’s of people for the past 50 years and was doing in the 1980’s what Wayne Dyer and others that followed finally came to write and speak about long after.
    I have written to you several times about the reading with no response from you. So, here it is and do some more studying, reading and formulating.

  15. shazeli says:

    Excellent contents. To me the birth name is the person properties, and no matter how people change it but the birth name is still the original properties.

  16. Iole Zuccarino says:

    my birth name is Iole but I also use Yola – Zuccarino is my maiden name and Codispoti my married name and I’m sorry I can’t afford to pay you for a reading. Regards Iole.

  17. Gerard Gallant says:

    my mother named me Gerard Glendon Gallant, but the priest insisted on Joseph, so I ended up with Joseph Gerard glendon Gallant, but I am always called Gerard, and have never used Joseph, only when the bank insists for documentation. how does this effect things.


  18. Len says:

    What about having your name…last name changed by a parent when you were a kid—in my case my father changed my last name to his although I was born with my mother’s maiden name….

  19. Gary White says:

    I have a question, I was adopted when I was 2 1/2 yrs old and my name was changed would I need to use the name I was given at birth or the name I was given when I was adopted

  20. Thank you for my free mini reading a while ago. While much of what you gave was accurate, MOST of it actually really applied to 2 people around me and one in particular very much so and quite opposite to me. I find it strange that in astrology/numerology etc. assessments/write ups,that Aquarians are depicted as cold, aloof and very independent whereas that is so not me. I am now having to learn to be independent (happy to do so & very much need to) and at such a late stage in my life. How can changing one’s identity help when their real name does not give an accurate reading for them yet be so true to those around them.With respect, I was going to send the differences to you to perhaps explain how/why ( I know that the energy of those around us intermingles with our own & thus…but how can someone rely on a reading/guidance etc. especially if/when they really need urgent help of vital importance. I have known so many who claim to be the one & only who can tell you this & do that & guarantee things + tell you at no risk to the client as money back also guranteed if not satisfied & no questions asked. Being spiritually motivated, I gave the benefit of dout to several in the past & learned not to believe or trust any such promise which is sad. Even if/when one is themselves gifted, no one is so self sufficient that they don’t need help from anyone else but….


  21. Claire says:

    My middle name is Gabrielle, my confirmation name, which I sometimes use . . . actually I always use my middle initial, so how does this change my numbers? And how does it affect my life, choices, path . . . career, prosperity, wealth? Do I need a new reading?

  22. Patricia Margaret Sponchia (Third) says:

    Help – can your provide some/any numbers that I can use to pick Lottery #’s. I seem to be vey unlucky with most things in life.

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