Do More of What You’re Meant to Do and Less of What You’re “Supposed” to Do

beachBy: Joe Wilner / Source: Psych Central

Throughout my twenties I tended to make choices based on what I was supposed to do.

I didn’t always conform to what was expected (I broke a few rules here and there), but overall the direction of my life was completely dictated by social norms.

I thought I was supposed to settle down, buy a home, and start a family. I tried this and it didn’t go so well.

Let’s just say I’m still part owner of a home I don’t live in.

It wasn’t that this life plan was inherently flawed or wrong by any means, but it just wasn’t for me.

I wasn’t listening to my heart’s desires. I wasn’t asking, “What do I really really want?”

“What am I really being called to do?”

I was doing what my background taught me I was “supposed” to do.

Do you ever find that words like “should” “must” or “ought to” are dictating your life?

How many people out there are living a life that isn’t their own?

Many people are walking this path. It is the life society or their families tell them to live.

I certainly still do from time to time. I have responsibilities and certain standards of living I want to maintain.

I value stability and security along with adventure and excitement.

So instead of doing something because it’s supposed to be that way, I now am clear of the bigger picture. What I do is for a greater goal.

The greater goal is to create a life filled with fulfillment, passion, and peace of mind.

The greater goal is to do what I am meant to do, to follow the calling in my heart and soul.

We are all alive for a reason. We have gifts, talents, and creative expression we are meant to share with the world.

Maybe you have a dream to write a book, or to serve your community through a homeless shelter, or to sing and play music.

I implore you to do more of this – to be willing to follow the artistic and creative vision in your heart.

Why? Because if you do you will be a better person in the end. You will be happier and more engaged in life. You will feel completely alive, instead of the shell of a spirit that has been beaten down and told to be a good boy or girl.

This isn’t a diatribe encouraging you to do something reckless and irresponsible. It is a message of encouragement for you to live more fully and expressively.

It is just a simple reminder that you have something you want in life, and that you have a choice to incorporate more of this joyful expression into your day to day experience.

I think the best question to ask is from Steven Pressfield’s book The War of Art.

If you were the only person left on the planet, with no one to impress or answer to, what would you want to do?

Whatever it is, assuming it advances your best self and supports life, do more of it.

The SECRET to Manifest Greater Wealth in 2015?

2010-01-23-wealthy_sm2Source: Enoch Tan, Mind Reality

There are physical and metaphysical means by which your wealth is obtained. To attract money, you have to become a money magnet.

You do so through the process of magnetization. The physical means of obtaining wealth is through setting up businesses and systems that bring in money.

The metaphysical process of magnetization is what brings in more sales and revenue when all other factors are left unchanged.

It is the very thing that makes the difference in results among people with similar actions.

Two people that take the same physical actions to create wealth may obtain significantly different results because of what each is doing metaphysically.

The universe is mental and therefore you can affect reality greatly through the use of the imagination. The rich are able to get more results with lesser effort and in an easier way because they do more of their work mentally than physically.

Wealth consciousness is what imbues all your action with prosperous effect. There are different ways of mental work.

Imagine money coming to you. Visualize and feel yourself as a center of attraction where money is flowing to you from all directions. Imagine a shower of hundred dollar bills falling all over you from the sky, in your room and all around outside your building.

Imagine that there is such a flood of abundance and everyone is basking in it. There is more than enough for everybody. Feel the joy and happiness of having so much money to do whatever you want with it.

This imagery fills your subconscious with wealth.

You Can Benefit from Unconditional Prayer in 4 Simple Steps

By: Vicki Howie / Source: Conscious Life News

We’ve all heard of unconditional love, but there’s a concept that is fair less popular and perhaps even more important.

It’s unconditional prayer, the practice of communicating with the Divine for the more connection, service and surrender.

Unconditional prayer is the anti-thesis of “shopping list” praying where we tell the Divine what we want and when we want it.

Before I can really describe what it is and how to do it, though, I need you to better understand the related concept of trust. There are two types of trust – little trust and BIG TRUST.

The most popular, garden variety type of trust is little trust. Most of us practice this kind of trust on a daily basis. It’s when we have faith that things are going to go OUR way; that is, the way our ego wants them to go.

We commonly say we “trust” someone when we feel they’re going to behave the supportive way we want them to behave.

Big trust is something different altogether. Big trust is when we believe the Divine is doing everything FOR us, rather than TO us.

It’s when we believe that no matter how things work out, it’s all for our growth. It’s when we trust that even when “bad” or challenging things happen, the Divine has got our back.

It’s true. The Divine really does have your back, but if you’re too busy trying to control things – even in your prayers – then it’s hard to experience the benevolent flow of the bigger picture.

Simply put, unconditional prayer is the practice of trusting the Divine in a BIG way. Practicing it can give you a greater sense of acceptance, peace and flow in your life.

So if you want to experience it more often, here are a few ways you can pray more unconditionally.


1) Before you pray, do some sort of centering practice to open yourself to Divine connection. It you don’t have a practice you love, try this simple one.

Inhale and imagine magnetizing a beam of energetic light from the sky through the crown of your head into the bottom of your heart. Hold it in here in your heart for a moment, then exhale and press it down through your tailbone into the core of the earth.

Notice how anchored it makes you feel to be deep in the earth, then, on the next inhale, draw that energy (that is earthier now) back up into the bottom of your heart and gently hold it again.

Exhale and send it through your crown to the sky. Repeat the process several times until you feel, clear, peaceful and gently energized.

2) Before you ask for anything specific, say something like this: I am deeply committed to my spiritual growth. Please give me the courage, insight and acceptance I need to make the highest choices I can.

Fill me with trust for all that is. Help me to know everything is unfolding with Divine Perfection.

3) When you have specific things you want to ask for, say something like this: I humbly ask (fill in the blank with what you want). This is what I believe I want and need now.

I fully trust that you will give me this or something better for myself, my growth and for the good of all those around me.

4) Finish with a huge heap of gratitude that your request has been received. You can simply say this: Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you (or some variation there of).

Try this for a week or so and see how you feel. I believe you’ll find that as you do it regularly, your BIG trust grows and so do you.

The Four Pillars of Purpose

lifeDr. Charles Chaney / Source: Psych Central

The late Norman Cousins gave us a famous aphorism: “Belief creates biology.”

Life is belief in action. The mind directs the body. Tibetan Monks can slow their heart rates using the power of their minds. Marathon runners break records every decade because they believe they can shave off more time, every time.

If you believe it can be, it already is.

Beliefs have tremendous impact on our lives, especially those that hit us frequently with emotional force. Mental and emotional well-being depend on the level of esteem we put in our social circle including family and friends, the level of esteem we have for the self, and the level of esteem we have for what we do on a daily basis.

Beliefs can be channeled towards our own well-being. I want to take a moment to encourage you to pursue what I call the Four Pillars of Purpose:

  • Finding esteem
  • Creating challenge
  • Inspiring others
  • Discovering creativity

“I have purpose when I am creative, have a sense of esteem, can grow, and inspire others.”

1. Finding Esteem

Esteem is the wings of the gods. The power that lifts you above the ground shapes who you are as a person. Self esteem comes from surviving hardship, fighting for a goal, learning from failures, and achieving some element of success.

Only when you begin to respect yourself can you begin to build self-esteem.

Now. Not tomorrow. Not next week. But now. Take a pen and write down times that you survived hardship, or fought for a goal, or failed and picked yourself back up.

If you draw a blank at first that’s fine. Force yourself to write something down and come up with at least five examples. Next, circle two or three that you believe are the most salient in your life.

2. Creating Challenges

Without a wall, you will never know how to climb. Without challenge, you can never grow. If you have a job that creates healthy challenge for you then your are in an enviable position. Through challenge you can grow.

If your job does not challenge you, then consider shifting roles in the company. Or, if that’s not possible, consider starting a hobby that will allow you to grow and develop skills. You need a sense of growth to feel human.

3. Inspiring Others

A crucial step in living a purposeful life is giving purpose to others. By bringing purpose to someone else, you unlock a chain reaction of fulfillment that spreads like a fire.

Your inspiration gives the next person encouragement which causes the next person to find inspiration, and so forth.

You can inspire someone with words, or through example. Don’t be afraid to share with others what you find remarkable in life.

4. Discovering Creativity

Some believe that being creative is the highest form of living. Look around us. Nature is creating all the time. Creation gives meaning and biology.

If you want more purpose in your life, start creating on a regular basis. Write, play music, paint, draw, build arts and crafts, shoot a short film, plant a garden, start a small business.

Put aside TV time at home for creative time. Soon you will discover a whole new side that inspires you.

Remember, your reality is your belief system. Learn to control your beliefs to create Esteem, Challenge, Inspiration, and Creativity. These Four Pillars of Purpose will stand long after the Acropolis of Athens.

The positive side of belief – the ability to make change – is within your reach.