Life Path Numbers – What are they and how can you calculate them?

life-path-numberNumerology has been around for thousands of years and it all began when Pythagoras created the numerology system that we still use to this day. Although there has been a lot of controversy as to who actually created numerology first, most numerology professors tend to agree that Pythagoras was the most important individual to contribute to our numerology system.

Knowing the basics of numerology is highly important if you want to be able to get a more in depth reading of the other aspects of numerology. For example; knowing your sun number will allow you to better understand the numbers that you receive from other readings such as your name numbers. Knowing the basic numbers that influence your life will allow you to better understand your global numerology numbers and your life in general.

The life path numbers are the center of numerology; they tend to have the biggest impact on the basic results that you receive from numerology reading. The life path numbers are often considered to be the most important numbers to calculate when using numerology systems because they are the basics of your life according to the date of your birth.

When you are capable of knowing your life path numbers you will be able to figure more about the future in your lifetime. You will be able to easily know the opportunities that await you, the obstacles that you will have to overcome and a ton of other relative information about your life. The life path number is exactly how it sounds; it helps you better understand the path that you will take in life.

Finding your life path number is quite simple, yet there is a bit of basic math involved. Nonetheless, anyone can quickly calculate their life path number with a piece of paper and a pen; no calculator is needed to perform this simple calculation. The life path number uses the date of your birth in order to determine the life path that awaits you in the future.

When calculating your life path number you will have to write down your entire date of birth on a piece of paper. This will include the day you were born, the month you were born in as well as writing down the year you were born in. You will then have to break down all three numbers into single digits numbers. Afterwards you will take those three single digit numbers and combine them in order to get your life path number.

Here is an example: Let’s say you were born on September 8th and in the year 1975, you’re calculations would be as follows. You would already have two single digit numbers since September is the 9th month and the day you were born is the 8th. However, you would have to reduce the year into a single digit by adding all four of the numbers together. The result in this case would be 4.

In order to get your life path number you still have to add the three single digit numbers together. In the example above, the life path number would look like this; 8 + 9 + 4 = 21. Then you reduce that to a single digit once more and your life path number would be 3.

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