How To Break A Curse or Hex?

hqdefaultBy: Patti Wigington / Source: Paganism/Wicca

How to Break a Hex or Curse

One of the most popular articles on this site is one about magical self-defense and protection. In this piece, we discuss how to know if you are curse or hexed, and ways of protecting yourself to keep such things from taking place from the get-go.

However, we also receive, on a pretty regular basis, emails from people who are positive they’re under magical attack already, and want to know how to break or lift the curse, hex, or spell that is causing them harm.

Although the Magical Self-Defense article touches on this briefly, we’re going to expand on the techniques mentioned, since it’s such a popular topic.

Be sure to read the Magical Self-Defense article before you continue on this one, because it does detail ways to determine if you are, in fact, under magical attack. In general, though, you should be able to answer ALL THREE of the following questions with a yes:

  • Is there someone in your life that you have angered or offended in some way?
  • Is that person someone who has the magical knowledge to place a harmful spell on you?
  • Is a hex or curse the only possible explanation for what is happening to you?

If the answer to all three is “yes”, then it’s possible you’ve been cursed or hexed. If that’s the case, then you may need to take protective measures.

There are a number of different ways to break a spell that is causing you harm, and those will vary depending on the guidelines and tenets of your tradition. However, the following methods are some of the most popular means of breaking a curse or hex.

Magic Mirrors

Remember when you were a child and you figured out that you could reflect sunlight at people with your mom’s hand mirror?

A “magic mirror” works on the principal that anything reflected in it – including hostile intent – will be bounced back to the sender. This is especially effective if you know the identity of the person who is sending bad mojo your way.

There are several methods of creating a magic mirror. The first, and simplest, is to use a single mirror. First, consecrate the mirror like you would any other of your magical tools.

Place the mirror, standing up, in a bowl of black salt, which is used in many hoodoo traditions to provide protection and repel negativity.

In the bowl, facing the mirror, place something that represents your target – the person who is cursing you. This can be a photo, a business card, a small doll, an item that they own, or even their name written on a piece of paper.

This will reflect that individual’s negative energy back to them.

A similar technique is to create a mirror box. It works on the same principle as the single mirror, only you’ll use several mirrors to line the inside of a box, gluing them in place so they don’t move around.

Once you’ve done so, place a magical link to the person inside the box, and then seal the box. You may use black salt if you wish to add a little more magical oomph.

In some folk magic traditions, the mirror box is created using shards of a mirror you’ve smashed with a hammer while chanting the person’s name.

This is a great method to use – and smashing anything with a hammer is pretty therapeutic – but be careful you don’t cut yourself. Wear safety glasses if you opt for this approach.


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70-Year-Old Looks 30, Reveals Fountain of Youth

wheatgrassSource: The Mind Unleashed

Her mother and grandmother both died of breast cancer at 47, and 36 years old, respectively. Her grandmother’s sisters died of cancer at early ages. Diabetes runs in her family.

Annette Larkins is in perfect health and doesn’t take aspirin. In fact, she doesn’t take any medication at all, at least by the conventional modern definition. She is a fanatic of REAL medicine and lives by the quote, “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” ― Hippocrates

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Mrs. Larkins grows a plethora of fruit, vegetables, and herbs around and inside of her house. She collects rainwater and makes gallons of juice from what she grows. Wheatgrass is one of her specialties. She grows her own and drinks the juice regularly. Yet another anecdotal case of raw food and juicing providing overall health and endless youth.


The Letter To the Universe – Manifest Whatever You Want In Twenty Minutes

blog-post-3-1-originalBy: Melody Fletcher / Source: Deliberate Blog

I’ve written pretty extensively about the need to release beliefs, about raising your vibration, the importance of your emotions and how to line up your energy with what you want.

Clearly, I believe that it’s important to understand how the Law of Attraction works and why the stuff that’s happening in your life is happening.

However… sometimes, when you’re feeling stuck or desperate, when you need something to happen quickly and you have no idea how that might come about, explanations don’t help much.

What you need is a quick and dirty technique to help you release your resistance and get you back on track. And today, my lovelies, I shall share one of my favorite techniques with you: Writing a letter to the Universe.

It’s simple, it takes about twenty minutes, and it works. Fast. I’ve used it with great success in my own life many times. One caveat: This technique is best for emergent situations. You’re in a bind and you need something to happen fast.

The more desperate, the better. I haven’t had as much success with it on long term goals or big things (like career changes, etc. where lots of beliefs are involved). Of course, this could just be me. Try it for yourself and see.

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For example, a few years ago, I had made a commitment to a friend. I keep my commitments. It’s important to me. But a new and much better opportunity came up, and well, I really wanted to take advantage of it. I didn’t want to let my friend down, but I also didn’t want to miss out on this wonderful chance. I was really conflicted about it and had no idea what to do. I wrote a Letter to the Universe.

What I really wanted was to take advantage of the new opportunity, but for my friend to not only NOT be mad at me, but to understand completely. I wanted to have my cake and eat it, too. I wrote the letter at night. The next day, I sat down with my friend and explained the situation.

Even though I’d been so stressed about telling her, I found the perfect words and she heard me completely. She wasn’t angry. She was happy for me. She completely understood and told me that in my position, she’d do the same.

This may seem like something small (it was actually a rather large commitment), but avoiding a major argument with someone I care deeply about is pretty important to me. After that, I started to use the Letter every time I found myself really stressed about anything imminent. I had no time to figure things out.

A volatile business meeting the next day, an apartment search for which I had very little time, an interview for a major job promotion, etc. And each time, the Letter allowed me to release my resistance, line up with what I wanted and get me the results that I was after. Ready to hear how to use it? Here we go:

The Letter To the Universe – Manifest Whatever You Want In Twenty Minutes

Step 1: Dear Universe…

Sit down and begin writing a letter. You can just open a text file on your computer or you can make a little ritual out of it by using beautiful stationary and a special pen. It’s up to you. Do whatever feels right. Date the letter and begin with “Dear Universe, “.

Step 2: Describe where you are right now

Tell the Universe where you are right now.

For example: “Dear Universe, I have one month to find a new apartment and I feel totally stressed out about it. The landlord came by today and told me that I have to move. There’s nothing I can do.”

Step 3: State your fears

List all the reasons that you’re stressed out. What are you afraid of? What do you NOT want to have happen? Yes, I know that we normally try to avoid focusing on what we don’t want, but here’s the thing: Your fears are your fears. They are valid to you. And I can tell you all day long that the Universe knows what you want, but when you’re in the state of stress, you’re going to answer with “Yeah, but, what about this horrible scenario?

And what about that limitation?” You’re scared and you’re stuck on focusing on all the reasons why you’re scared. By listing these reasons, by writing them down, you can hand them over to the Universe, secure that you’ve communicated every last thing you DON’T want. This is a way of “handing off the problems”, or releasing your fears.

For example: “I’m afraid that I won’t find a place in time. I don’t want to live in some crappy, horrible room, with nasty roommates. I’m afraid I won’t be able to afford anything nice or even decent. I’m afraid that I’ll be homeless or I’ll have to go and beg friends to stay on their couch. I’m afraid I won’t even have time to look for a new place, what with work and all…”

Keep going until you feel that you’ve stated all of your fears and everything you’re worried about. Just getting it all out will already help a little bit.

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Step 4: Tell the Universe what you want

Now that you’ve gotten all the fears and doubts out of your system, go ahead and tell the Universe what you are looking for. What do you need? What do you want? This is where you want to make only positive statements. Keep writing until it feels really good. You don’t have to edit, just keep writing until everything you’re stating feels good.

For example: “I want a place that I can afford (this doesn’t feel quite right, because there’s still fear in there that you can’t afford it). I want a place that I’ll afford easily (feels better). The apartment is close to my work and has easy access to public transportation.

It’s central, and surrounded by all the shops I need. It’s bright, full of natural light and the other people in the building are all really nice. I don’t have to look for the apartment, it just kind of finds me.

It’s easy. I can’t believe how easy it is. The landlord is amazing and wants me as his tenant. In fact, he only asks me for a small deposit so that it’s easier for me to afford the move. Even the move itself is easy. My friends help me and then we have a little party in my new place.

I can’t believe how amazing my new apartment feels. It’s cozy and homey and the previous tenants even left me some amazing furniture. I love it. It showed up in plenty of time and I didn’t have to worry at all.”

Notice how, over time, the writing style switched from something you want, to something that already exists (“the apartment IS this and that…”), to something you already possess (“I can’t believe how easy it was…”).

As you get more and more into the vision of what you want, you’ll get more and more into the energy of already having it. If your writing style starts to change, LET IT. This isn’t about grammar. It’s about lining up your energy.

Get so into your vision and keep writing about it, until you can see yourself there – in your new apartment, having found it and moved into it easily. Feel the relief of it. There’s nothing to worry about.

You’ve already got it and you’re looking back on how you worried and you’re seeing how ridiculous it was to be so stressed out. It all came together so beautifully! Now, you’re really just telling the Universe about it, because you’re so excited.

Step 5: Thank the Universe for a job well done

And that brings us to the next step. Tell the Universe “Thank You” for fulfilling your wish. It’s done. What you want is on its way. You don’t have to worry about it. You can just sit back and expect it to happen. Tell the Universe how awesome it is, how creative, how amazing and how you’re in awe about how it led you and this apartment together.

When you do this, you get into the state of gratitude or appreciation, and you’re doing so on the subject of what you want. This is a huge step in lining up your energy.

Step 6: Let it go

Fold the letter (if it’s on the computer, print it out), sign it (you can add XOXO or anything you like), place it in an envelope and address it to the Universe. Now, you can put it in a special box, or burn it, or throw it in the ocean.

It doesn’t matter. People use all kinds of methods to help them let things go. And that’s what you’re going to do now: Let it go. You’ve “sent” this desire and all the associated fears and stress off to the Universe.

I like to put my letters in a box and look at them years later (DO NOT go looking into your box to see what hasn’t manifested yet! Don’t go through the box often.) It’s fun to see how worried I was about stuff that did then, indeed, come to be easily. It really helps me not get as freaked out about things now.

Trust that you’ve placed your request with the Universe, and that LOA is on the case. There’s nothing more you have to do. Expect your desire to show up, and do your best to go about your day while feeling good. Whenever you start to stress out about it, remember that you’ve handed your problem off to the Universe and it’s taken care of. It’s not your responsibility any more.

Again, I’ve used this technique on several occasions to shift my energy quickly. It helped me release feelings of hopelessness and desperation and align with positive expectation, which then allowed what I wanted to come into my reality.

What do you think? Have you used a technique like this before? What were the results? Do you have favorite little manifesting techniques? Try writing a Letter to the Universe and tell us how it went! :)


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