5 Mini Water Rituals to Cleanse Yourself Energetically

waterBy: Tamika Tara Schilbe / Source: Mind Body Green

We use water to clean everything, even our bodies. What many people do not realize is that even when we are squeaky clean, water can cleanse us energetically.

It’s no accident that water has been used ceremoniously since the beginning of time. Without water, there is no life. Water is worthy of our attention and time, not only from an ecological perspective, but also for our own healing. We don’t have to be affiliated with a religion or spiritual group to experience the purifying benefits of a personal baptism ritual.

Here are five simple yet powerful mini water rituals to cleanse and purify:

1. Care about the presentation of the water you drink.

Take time to put fresh lemon, lime, orange, basil, mint or cucumber in your water for a light flavoring. Use a glass container that reflects the purity and simple beauty of the water, so that you feel appreciative and uplifted with each sip.

2. Bless your water.

Some people put positive word stickers on their water bottles. This is a sweet gesture, but if you forget about the positive quality, it diminishes the effect. Take a few moments to visualize, imagine or sense the positive quality you wish to amplify in the water. Before you drink, feel gratitude for the water that is about to cleanse, heal and nourish all the cells in your body.

3. Shower even when you’re not dirty.

Some of us absorb the energy of others very easily. One way to cleanse the days’ events is to have either a quick shower or salt-water bath before bed. You will sleep much more deeply and won’t have to spend as much dream-time energy, working through the conversations and events of the day.

4. Use your water to help you visualize.

Imagine or sense any stressful situations flowing down the drain as you wash your hands. Bonus: when you drink lots of water, you have to urinate often, so the opportunities for hand-washing abound!

5. Ocean Salutation.

This affirmation and movement sequence is perfect to practice near your favorite body of water. It’s basically the movements of a half sun salutation. Lifting your heart and reaching arms upward, affirm “I am Open to Receive!”

Exhale and fold forward into Uttanasana (standing forward pose), affirming “I trust myself.” Ground your hands on your legs or the floor and lift your spine toward the horizon into Ardha Uttanasana (half bend) affirming “I follow my dreams.”

Fold back into Uttanasana (standing forward pose), with the affirmation “I flow like water.”

Now back to upstretched arms, again affirming “I am Open to Receive.”


May the power of water carry your best intentions forward!

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