Pray For What You Need, Not What You Want

prayBy: Jennifur / Source: Psychics Universe

Prayer Is All Around

There are some people that pray everyday, some that only pray on Sundays at church, or the occasional prayer when it’s convenient for those in need of something, like making it to work on time after they missed their alarm go off.

Even people that don’t believe in prayer do it more times than they are aware, like Meister Eckhart say’s “if the only prayer you say in your whole life is” thank you” that will suffice.

Prayer is a much bigger part of our daily lives than most of us are aware, and the signs are all around us.

Be Patient With Prayer

When you plant the seed of a prayer, you must be patient and have faith that your prayer has been heard. Your prayer may not always be answered in the way that you expected, or the time you were hoping but there is always intended purpose for your needs to be met.

Living in a society that moves so quickly with cell phones, social media, internet and so on, instant gratification has become common place.

It’s a no wonder people lose faith at times when they don’t get the instant response they are used to getting.

It’s hard to put your prayer out to the universe and sit back patiently and wait for it to be answered when you turn on your phone or computer and see others posting your hopes wishes and dreams.

Pray For Character

Prayer gives us the chance to connect with ourselves on a deeper level and understand what we do want, and ultimately in the end finding out what doesn’t serve us.

That is why it is important to pray for the things that will make your life happier like building your character as a person, as opposed to praying for material things that eventually lose their value in more ways than one.

Forgiveness, patience, empathy for others etc, when you pray for these things that begin to make you a better person, you will feel a shift take place in your life where prayers start coming your way without you even asking.

10 Simple and Effective Candle Activities That Will Boost Your Candle Magic

candlesBy: Laurie Barraco / Source: Conscious Life News

I have been using candles to enhance my magical intentions for as long as I can remember.

There is something really magical and soothing when you gaze into the flame of a candle that has been charged, blessed and lit with the intention of moving and shifting energy in your life.

I am sharing my Top 10 favorite candle tips that I have used over the years with much success, I might add.

My Top 10 Favorite Candle Activities:

1. Use Colored Candles For Chakra Healing – When I know a chakra is out of balance, I will burn the corresponding color to the chakra that needs a little TLC. Root – red, sacral – orange, solar plexus – yellow, heart – green/pink, throat – blue, 3rd eye – indigo, crown – white or gold.

2. Applying Oils To Your Candle – I prefer to anoint my candles with oil to add extra oomph to my magic. The type of oil I use depends upon my intention.

Ex. for peace – lavender, for money – cinnamon, psychic opening – frankincense. *Be sure to research any oil before applying to any candle for safety purposes*

3. Clear Energy with Black and White Candles – When I am clearing energy, I burn a black candle first to clear and absorb the negative influences and then burn a white one to bring in light and blessings.

4. Inscribe Your Candles with Your Intention – I write on the side of my candles with either a toothpick, pencil or inscribing tool to bring in more of a personal touch to my magic.

5. The Phase of the Moon Does Matter – I use the phases of the moon to help me either bring in or take away energy. After the Full Moon we are taking away energy. From the New Moon up to the Full Moon we are bringing in energy.

6. Document How Long It Takes Your Candle To Burn – I always make a point of keeping track of how long it takes to burn my candle.

I then apply how long it took to completely burn to determine how long it may take to manifest my intention. For example – if it took 3 hours to burn, then my results may take either 3 days, 3 weeks or 3 months to manifest.

7. Message In Your Candle – I use the candle flame as a divination tool. I gently gaze into the flame and allow the candle wax and flame to talk to me, guide me and teach me. This also includes reading the wax during and after the candle has burned. Often there are pictures or initials in the wax.

8. Placing Candles In The Directions – When working in ceremony, I use 5 different candles to represent the 5 elements and directions.

Yellow in the east /air, red in the south/fire, blue in the west/water, green in the north/earth and white in the center for spirit. The energy in the center is absolutely amazing and sacred…everyone must give this one a try!

9. Infuse Your Candle with Healing Energy – With every single candle I infuse my Reiki energy into it. I add the Reiki symbols to my candles which add that extra, extra pizzazz to them.

If you have not yet received the Reiki II attunement, any power symbol would work for example: an Ankh, the Star of David, Pentagram or even a heart can enhance your magic.

10. A Little Help From Above – I invoke archangels, masters of light or ancient deities such as Isis or Lakshmi to help bring in the energy to assist with my magic.

There are many different resources that you can refer to help you coordinate the proper colors, aromas, herbs etc. to help align you with the energy of the light being you would like to work with.

I choose to only work with my own intentions. Often people will ask me to work a little magic for them. I am always careful to be sure free will boundaries are not crossed and that the intention is in alignment with the universal laws of morality and ethics.

Never, ever, ever add someone to your magic without permission!!

Candle magic does not take the place of being proactive in your life and taking the initiative to change your life where you know you are not happy or meeting your full potential.

I love using candles as a focus point and a great reminder of what my potential is and love how the element of fire helps me get the ball rolling in my life.

What is Grief Yoga and Can it Heal?

yogaSource: Beliefnet

Yoga is not only good for the body, spirit, and mind, but the practice could help people deal with grief.

Researchers found that those who completed a four to six week class of yoga therapy noticed a significant improvement in their mood, energy, and dealing harmful emotions.

Grief can put the body out of whack, it increase tension in muscles, people notice more lower back pain, and tightness in their chest, loss of sleep, and the deterioration of mental health.

For example locus pose helps clear blocked emotions, and child’s pose calms the nervous system.

Practicing asana yoga, using backbends, and twists have showed to improve people’s backs, as a lot of pain is stored there and in the spine, hence a release of any emotional pain.

Additionally, yoga help the body open up by incorporation stretches like child’s pose, cobra, and downward dog. Grief yoga is a combination of different practices like Hatha, Vinyassa Flow and breath work.

The truth is everyone deals with grief differently, and there is no right or wrong way to grieve, and experts are seeing body and mind connection.

Paul Denniston teaches grief yoga in Los Angeles and works with those in hospice, he writes that yoga connects us to the present moment, which also allows us onto a path to acceptance.

“Yoga’s healing power and wisdom can help you embrace the grief that resides within your mind and body and help open your heart.”

How do you start? Try researching grief yoga instructors in your area. If not, you can do it at home, since there are many free videos to help you get started.

YouTube has some great videos to help get you started, if you are a beginnner.

If you choose move forward with yoga to help you during this season of your life, try it for 15 minutes a day in the morning and night. If you are new to yoga all together, try a beginner’s class for basic poses and to ease into to it slowly.

There is no reason to pressure yourself, the entire point of grief or mourning yoga is to release pain physically and emotionally at your pace.

9 Practical Resolutions That are Good for the Mind, Body and Soul

cupBy: Lindsay Vanlaningham / Source: Social Moms Network

New Years Resolutions are often filled with superficial wants to be skinnier, look younger, make more money, etc.  Those are things that change your outward appearance, but won’t truly make you a happier person.

They fill a void and only address the end result of how you are feeling.  Instead focus on making some resolutions that really benefit your body and soul for decades, and don’t fizzle out in the coming months.

One could call these life choices, instead of the more short-term resolutions.

  • Take your healthy seriously: Use the New Year to make all those checkups you’ve put off. Visit the dentist. Our mouths often act as the canary in the mine and can tell us a lot about our general health. Schedule your annual pap smear and breast exam. While you are at it, visit the dermatologist and do a body scan of those moles you have often wondered about.
  • Get your finances in order: Hey it’s tax season, perfect time to take a look at your finances and set goals. Contribute more to savings or to a 401k? Go for it. You may even consider starting a college fund for your kids. Use coupons or money savings apps to help you save in one area to afford in another. Set up a budget to help you stick to your plan and track it on
  • Protect your family: While you are looking at finances, consider your will and trust, your life insurance. Make some smart moves this year to protect the ones you really love. Term life insurance can cost very little and make a world of difference to your family.
  • Get personal: Make it a point to reduce your FB, Instagram, Twitter and texting communications, and instead reach out in person to those you really care about. You’ll find it more fulfilling.
  • Check your credit: Make sure that it’s accurate and that there are no red flags. Settle unpaid debts and have them cleared from your report.
  • Organize your life: This one is ongoing, but if done correctly can save you time and money. Resolve to stay organized and clear the clutter. Start small and you’ll find as you get going, it gets easier to let things go.
  • Focus on internal health: Instead of focusing on outward appearances, focus instead of what it takes to get there. For example, instead of saying you will start a new diet, resolve to eat healthier foods. Instead of losing weight, how about making the goal to get outside more often. These new goals will add activities that make you healthy and happy.
  • Prioritize and make time for what really matters: These are the things in life that fill our bucket with joy and peace. When you really look at life, we are pulled in so many different directions, when in reality what truly matters is our health and the time with our loved ones. Neglecting either of those will be the biggest regret of your life.
  • Feed your soul: It may be a cup of coffee in the early morning, or a sunrise yoga session. It could be good book by the fire. Whatever it is, find something you love and do it for no one else but you.

Happy New Year!