12 Rituals To Do In 12 Days To Guarantee 12 Months Of Love & Prosperity

montreal-skyline2By; Barbara Biziou / Source: Mind Body Green

Why are the first 12 days of the new year so important? According to my spiritual teacher Master Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov, the first 12 days of January represent the whole year. Jan. 1 stands for the month of January, while Jan. 2 stands for February, and so on.

By practicing loving kindness, openness, and generosity while giving thoughtful attention to the significance of each day, you can consecrate the coming year.

But first, here are two rituals you can try to invite more love and prosperity into your life:

1. Ritual for love

Wear new red underwear on New Year’s Day to bring in love.

2. Ritual for prosperity

For good luck and prosperity, you can throw money into your home the first time you enter it in the new year. If you are staying home on New Year’s Eve, go to your front door at 12:01am and throw coins or paper money into the front door.

Bless it with your “inspirations” for the new year.

On Jan. 2, you could give some money away freely as a sign to the universe that YOU ARE PROSPEROUS.

Now, focus on the following keywords each day for the first 12 days of the new year. Each of these words can evoke a special energy that will make your new year special.

Jan. 1: Breath

As you focus on your breath, you actually can breathe in the inspiration you desire. Breathe in love, creativity, joy, health and prosperity. Allow the universe to gift you with energy to invite your best self forward.

Jan. 2: Love

Today is the day to be more loving and compassionate toward yourself. Learn to be compassionate in the areas where you tend to resist. Ask yourself.

How can I be more loving today? Then reach out to others. Smile, be kind and send a loving note to a friend or family member.

Jan. 3: Renewal

Use nature to renew your body and spirit. Nature is a window into the world of the divine — with the four great elements representing the physical manifestation of spirit into matter.

Spend some time just looking at the sky, or take a walk in the park, on the beach or in the woods, listen to birds sing, hold a rock or crystal to remind you to ground your energy and of course, watch a sunrise or sunset.

Jan. 4: Smell

Of all of our five senses, smell is the only one that goes directly to our brain. Experiment with different scents to see how you feel. Vanilla works well to lift your mood.

Orange boosts your energy, while chamomile or lavender may calm you down. Jasmine is a wonderful aphrodisiac and rose is often associated with opening your heart.

Jan. 5: Play

When we get over-serious and try to figure everything out, we lose our spontaneity and creativity. Fun is a good thing, so allow your playful inner child to come out.

Go to a playground and swing on a swing, ride a bike, get some Legos and build a castle, take out the finger paints and let it rip, or put on some upbeat music and move.

Jan. 6: Present

Life can pass you by if you are so busy making plans and doing stuff. We forget to just BE.

Focus on one thing at a time, unplug from your smart phone and computer for five minutes every hour if you can, take a deep breath every time your phone rings, be conscious of walking on the earth — one step at a time, really listen to yourself and others.

Jan. 7: Purify

You wouldn’t think of going to an important event in dirty clothes, so why not pay attention to cleansing your energy field, as well as your physical space.

Do some spring clearing, throw out old broken items, spray lemon water around your office, use your morning bath or shower as a ritual of purification, let go of old emotions that no longer serve you, shred old letters that hold negative associations, delete any email that is not positive.

Jan. 8: Honor

By loving and honoring the body you have, you can bring more health and flexibility into your life. Be conscious of what you put into your body, and try starting the day off with gentle stretches.

You can also walk instead of driving or taking the elevator, rest when you are tired and take short breaks during the day.

Jan. 9: Creativity

Doing something new builds new brain cells, so experiment with something you would normally consider “out of the box.”

Jan. 10: Wisdom

Read inspirational books, talk to an elder, mentor someone, honor your inner wisdom and pay attention to your intuition.

Jan. 11: Abundance

Say this affirmation 27 times today:

Huge sums of money flow to me rapidly, abundantly and effortlessly. I am truly needed and my talents, services and products are always in great demand.

Jan. 12: Gratitude

Bless everything you have, including your body. Send notes of appreciation to friends and family members; see how many times you can say “thank you” to the universe for the many blessings you have in life.