Bring a New Level of Meditation by Understanding the 8 Chakras & Their Shamanic Archetypes

psychedelic_chakras_by_sahas_hegde-d4loxpyBy: Sandy Vigil / Source: Mind Body Spirit For Life

Do you have difficulty quieting your mind during meditations? This versatile chart is an easy visual to help you focus and quiet your mind while meditating on the Chakra energy centers.

  • Use the colored Chakra symbols as a visual anchor during a traditional Chakra meditation
  • Focus on the symbols one at a time for concentrating on individual Chakras, which is particularly beneficial if one or more of your Chakras are blocked.
  • Use the Shamanic Archetypes with traditional Chakra meditations to discover your Spirit Animal or Spirit Totem.
  • Shaman Chakra Archetypes 1 – 4 govern your physical world and your body.
  • Shaman Chakras 5 – 7 focus on your mental world.
  • The 8th Chakra connects your soul and your higher self.

1st Root Chakra – I Am

The Healing Serpent helps your physical body by teaching you to shed your past the way she sheds her skin. Process your environment in the manner of the snake.

How does it feel, smell, look, sound and even taste? When you shift your attention from your thoughts to being fully present in this physical state, you are grounded in the Root Chakra and to your connection with the Earth.

2nd Sacral Chakra – I Feel

Mother Jaguar dramatically transforms and heals your emotional body.

She symbolizes the circular relationship between life and death as she strips away parts of you that are no longer beneficial, allows those parts to die, and then breathes life back into the core of your being.

She teaches you to step beyond fear and death so that you can truly connect with your emotions and live.

3rd Solar Plexus Chakra – I Do

Hummingbird helps you to heal your spirit body through action and faith. With every flight she faces the seemingly impossible task of balancing the need to eat frequently with the enormous amount of energy she burns up.

But she doesn’t worry about where she will get her next meal from because she has faith that food will always be exactly in the right spot when she needs it. Hummingbird reminds you to live fully and drink deeply from the sweet nectar of Life.

4th Heart Chakra – I Love

Eagle helps in the healing of your mental body by teaching you to manifest your world into being with thoughts. He reminds you to view the big picture through the soul-based love within your heart.

It is with love that Eagle pushes you out of your nest and comfort zone so that you will spread your wings so that you may fly wing to wing with Great Spirit.

5th Throat Chakra – I Speak

Huascar aids in the healing of your unconscious mind by teaching you to channel all aspects of your being.

As the gatekeeper of the dark Lower World where chaos, creative potential and your subconscious lies, Huascar guides you to meet, speak with and embrace relationships with your shadow self, your spirit animals and your guides.

6th Third Eye Chakra – I See

A blend of a beautiful feathered jungle bird and a serpent, Quetzalcoatl helps to heal your conscious world. He teaches you to maintain balanced relationships in your everyday life.

His message is to live mindfully and to care for all aspects of Mother Earth while at the same time he encourages you to appreciate the beauty in life by singing and dancing with music, flutes, and drums.

7th Crown Chakra – I Understand

Pachakutiis the gatekeeper of the Upper World where your higher self resides. His job is to help your super-conscious heal through the concept of circular time and shares with you the knowledge of stepping outside the boundaries of linear time.

He facilitates spiritual awakening and personal transformation by showing you what needs to be changed in your past so you can shift that aspect of yourself before it has even taken root.

8th Seat of the Soul Chakra – I Transcend

This is where the spiritual energy of Divine love enters your body and communicates with your higher self. This chakra is associated with enlightenment, ascension, and transcending.

The lesson from your higher self is to let go and allow the Divine light of Spirit to fill up your life.